The PATRIOT CHARITY PROJECT combines support for local charities and promotion of patriotism.

It was launched on February 18, 2018 in a small town in the American heartland. A "semi-retired" businessman loved his town and wanted to contribute. Unfortunately, the "Great Recession" had hit him hard. His primary source of personal income was social security. So he decided to put his half century of business experience and contacts to good use.

He decided to offer free "Betsy Ross" flags in order to encourage donations to local charities in his town and promote patriotism at the same time. This was the first project. 

The second project offers free badges which display the Betsy Ross flag as well as the town's name and the word "Patriot". Convenient counter displays are also provided.

Volunteers and contacts are wanted! But NOT financial donations! That money should stay in the community and be used to support local charities.  

Recent Posts

  • Fairbury NE. July 8, 2018. Methodist Church “Indoor” Picnic Lunch

    Fairbury NE. July 8, 2018. Methodist Church “Indoor” Picnic Lunch

    Please help welcome the new Pastor and his family with an “indoor” picnic lunch! July 8, 2018. Starts at 11:30 AM. FUMC Fellowship Hall. This event is sponsored by the SRPC Committee and every one from both churches is invited to attend.Read More »
  • Fairbury NE. July 24, 2018. 21st Annual Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

    Fairbury NE. July 24, 2018. 21st Annual Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

    Location: Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Fairbury, NE Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Time: 8:15 am – 2:15 pm Sponsored by: Jefferson County Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Nebraska Extension – Jefferson County For more information, please call: Nebraska Extension-Jefferson County at (402) 729-3487 Lana Likens …Read More »
  • Patriot Charity Display Update

    Patriot Charity Display Update

    The Patriot Charity display insert is being updated in order to improve clarity. See photo.Read More »
  • Displays in three counties

    Displays in three counties

    PATRIOT CHARITY volunteers distributed dozens of displays in three Nebraska counties on June 9, 2018: Thayer (Hebron), Fillmore (Geneva), and Saline (Crete). Their action was inspired by the very favorable response in Jefferson county (Fairbury) on May 31st. More volunteers are wanted!Read More »
  • Patriot Charity Display Stands

    Patriot Charity Display Stands

    These are only four of the many such display stands that appeared in just one town on May 31st.  Townsfolk patronizing these stores are urged to “round up” their purchase.  The shopkeeper then donates this “tip” to the local charity of his choice.  This …Read More »

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